About Endoscopy Institute of Hawaii

The Endoscopy Institute of Hawaii features state of the art cutting edge technology, accessible and brand new facilities, and well trained, qualified, and respected professionals. Our out-patient endoscopy center is designed for maximum quality and efficiency, ensuring our patient’s comfort and convenience, and is capable of performing more than 10,000 procedures per year.

Our technology, especially for our scopes and optical equipment, is the most advanced available in Hawaii today, insuring better and more comfortable patient outcomes. Our facilities are brand new and aesthetically designed, allowing for a pleasant patient experience.

Our location is convenient, accessible and central.  Our staff is friendly and well-trained.  Our physicians are leaders in the Hawaii medical community and are 100% board certified/board eligible and fellowship trained in Gastroenterology, Colorectal Surgery, and Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Our center accepts all patients and all insurance types.  We are dedicated to open access, and a single phone call by a referring physician or a patient will start the process of expeditious patient screening, evaluation, education, and treatment.

The Endoscopy Institute of Hawaii was established in 2012 by Skai Ventures, in partnership with eight leading endoscopists and endoscopic surgeons, with the goal of creating the largest free-standing endoscopy facility in Hawaii, improving access to screening, early prevention and detection of colorectal and gastrointestinal cancers. The center is now a member of Covenant Surgical Partners.